5 Top Shopping Apps


In the era of constantly developing technologies, most of us have learned to take advantage of available solutions and make everyday life as trouble-free as possible. The situation is no different when it comes to shopping. Going to a store and walking down all the aisles to find the products you need seems to be a nightmare. Moreover, you probably don’t remember the last time you went shopping without checking available coupons or special offers. Keep reading to discover 5 top shopping apps in Australia that changed our lives for the better and can help you save both money and time.

1. Shping

Shping is an outstanding shopping companion that allows you to save money and earn Shping Coins while interacting with your top products. Compare prices, store loyalty cards in one place and find amazing deals offered by various shops across Australia. This way, you aren’t limited to one or two suppliers which guarantees that you can buy everyday essentials at the most attractive prices. Shping includes genuine reviews written by other shoppers which allows you to find rare gems and check whether it’s worth investing in particular items.

2. Catch

If you can’t imagine shopping without discounts, Catch is the perfect app for you. Every day, you can unlock attractive offers on beauty products, groceries, fashion or home appliances. Search thousands of products from manufacturers such as Nike or Samsung, create wish lists and buy essentials at lower prices. There are special flesh sales three times a day so you don’t need to worry that you’ll miss the boat if you don’t check the app every few minutes.

3. Half Price

As the name itself suggests, Half Price is an online catalogue of products from across Australia that are offered at 50% lower prices. The app and special deals are updated every Wednesday, therefore, if you want to buy a specific item that costs an arm and a leg, Half Price is perfect for you – perhaps your dream product will be discounted one day.

4. Groupon

Groupon is a blessing for every coupon enthusiast. It doesn’t matter whether you want to book a hotel or buy a spa voucher for your significant other. With this shopping app, you can access thousands of amazing deals offered even 70% cheaper. Browse a wide range of categories and benefit from available attractions.

5. Woolworths

If you’re planning big shopping in this store, the Woolworths app will facilitate the task by providing you with an extensive list of available products, weekly specials and aisle numbers. Thanks to it, you won’t waste time trying to find specific items from your list. Moreover, it’s possible to share your shopping list with others which is particularly helpful in the era of the ongoing pandemic and isolation. If you don’t have someone who could shop for you, order groceries online and wait for Woolworths to deliver them to your home.

Benefiting from the best shopping apps in Australia means more efficient and responsible purchases which have a measurable impact on your life comfort. Don’t wait and download these apps to save your time and money.