Shping Summary of 2022

Shping in 2022

What an incredible year for Shping in 2022 as we completed a number of important milestones paving the way to reach our vision.


Our B2B pillar has seen some tremendous growth with notable brands such as Kraft Heinz, Asahi, Pepsi and Twinings joining our platform. This recognises our integral technology stack for FMCG brands to drive consumer engagement and sales. Sam White CSO for Shping has powered the education of our unique position and value proposition resulting in the key acquisition of these stakeholders.


We’re very proud to announce that almost 95% of our trial brands convert to be a paid-partner brand immediately after their trial period, and the remaining brands have indicated that they are still interested in the coming period. This reassures the team that our unique selling point (USP) is a market disruptor delivering a positive return on investment for both brands and Shping using our monetization model.


The B2C pillar continues to drive results with another 30,000+ app user downloads and our marketing strategy coupled with our app development returned a substantial increase to our retention, revenue per user and app activity that demonstrates Shping 2.0 directly impacted these metrics – congratulations to the development team Jared our CTO, Ivan and Kirill the senior developers. We have strengthened the development team to a headcount of 12 to support the new and ongoing initiatives we rolled out in 2022 including the integration of the Coinbase wallet that has been revolutionary in reducing GAS fees for our users.


We have made excellent progress with Shping Coin being listed on a number of prominent exchanges including Coinbase, and Polinex. The Coinbase Learn & Earn campaign launched into phase 1 that publicises the Shping project to Australian Coinbase users. Our community engagement continues to grow week by week as we have seen a 5% growth per quarter to our Twitter channel. We appreciate everyone that has tuned in to our monthly AMAs, we will be placing a new emphasis on growing the community education on our project.


Shping has evolved from the 2018 iteration highlighted by our branding changes, new website and messaging. Our new tag line “Shop like a Boss” encapsulates the value we are providing to all our stakeholders.


Our project team has expanded and, as I shared in an earlier AMA, our CTO Jared with his family were thankfully able to transition to Australia, to the Shping head office, amid the Ukraine war. Kiev was being bombed and international airports were closed that forced Jared to drive through war zone regions as bombs exploded to catch a flight from Romania to Melbourne. It was a very stressful time for the team but we are delighted to have Jared and his family safe in Australia. We welcomed Elouise as the Customer Success Manager that has had and immediate impact on our brand relationships and onboarding.


Overall, Shping has achieved exciting results and KPIs that are the perfect springboard into a successful 2023 and beyond. From me personally, I would like to that the community for showing the amount of support they have. We would not be where we are today without your support and I can’t thank you enough for continuing your belief in our project.

Gennady Volchek

Shping CEO


Are Your Reward Cards Really Worth It?

Loyalty cards. Are they worth the hassle?

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a stack of loyalty cards in your wallet. Whether it’s the grocery store, the pharmacy, or your favourite clothing store, having a rewards card means that you can get back a little something extra every time you shop. But are those rewards really worth the effort? Let’s take a look at the benefits of your loyalty cards and how you can help boost your rewards even further. 

Loyalty programs offer discounts and points that can be redeemed for other items or discounts in their respective stores. It’s an easy way for us to get a little back for spending our hard-earned money. Two of Australia’s biggest grocery stores reward you with points for just doing your normal shopping and after a few visits you can redeem your points for a discount on your next bill and over time this can mean a significant amount of cash back. But it’s not just getting cash back, we’ve all heard the stories of our friends and family redeeming points for overseas holidays – so a little can turn into a lot! 

Why do stores have loyalty cards? 

Scanning your rewards card at the check-out passes valuable information on the products you buy and the time you shop onto retailers so they can entice you with offers on products you’d find valuable. They also use this information to make sure stores can handle consumer demands at peak times. In return for providing this information, you get a small reward that can mean a significant amount over time lowering your overall spend – it’s win-win!

What can we do to increase our rewards? 

That’s where Shping comes in! Using your Shping app, available from Google Play Store and Apple store, allows you to scan barcodes on products within participating stores (including Woolworths) to find out more about them – such as nutritional information and reviews – as well as collect rewards coins with a receipt upload which translates into real dollars that you can cash out!

A number of Shping users are cashing out $75.00 a month by doing all the in-app activities like writing reviews, scanning barcodes, engaging with brand content. Shping makes this possible by allowing brands, not stores, to reward their customers so you can turbocharge your rewards by using your store loyalty cards and using the Shping app.

All of this adds up to huge savings over time—a great reward that really makes it worth it! Best of all it’s made to work with the current loyalty card system so it’s an addition not a substitution. Shping has even included a way that you can store your loyalty cards inside the app. You’ll never miss out on maximizing your rewards again!

Loyalty cards may seem like small potatoes but they can add up to some significant savings over time—especially if you use apps like Shping to maximize your rewards! The key is understanding how these programs work so that you can make sure that all your purchases count towards your rewards balance. So take the time to read through the fine print of any loyalty program before signing up so that you know exactly what kind of rewards are available and the best way to use them! With just a little bit of research and effort, you’ll be able to maximise your returns while still getting great value on all your purchases – now that’s worth it!

Shping Karma explained

Karma is here to give you a well-deserved pat on the back.


Shping has introduced Karma to reward users for providing a positive experience for others. Also a higher Karma score allows you to reach a higher level tier in the application giving you greater rewards. Amazing!

How do you increase your Karma score?

Well, we’ve written up a few activities that you can do to increase your Karma score and reach your potential with Shping.

Activity to increase your Karma score:

• Your written product review gets accepted
• Your video product review gets accepted
• Weekly use of the Smart Shopping List
• Your review gets liked by others
• Receipt upload via loyalty card screen
• Receipt items that match your shopping list
• Completion of a tier task
• Quality receipt uploads

See the best way to capture your receipt here

Why did my Karma score go down?

Above all, every user wants to have a positive and informative experience, so providing information that is incorrect, uninformative and of poor quality reduces another users experience using Shping. For this reason, Karma rewards users for providing better quality information and adding to the experience of the Shping application for others.

Activities that decrease your Karma score:

•Rejected product reviews
•Disliked reviews
•Missing a tier task
•Bad quality or incomplete receipt upload

And remember, Karma is here to ensure that the information you are getting from other users is relevant and accurate so you can save, learn and earn more from the Shping application. So remember to read and like informative reviews and to write your own product reviews that will help others decide which product is right for them.

Happy shopping!

5 ways to save money at the checkout

5 Fun Ways to Save Money at the Checkout


Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees and every penny counts. That’s why we have some fun ideas for you to save money when you shop! You don’t have to become a tightwad with your budget, but by following a few of these tips at the checkout, you could start seeing some serious savings in no time. 


  1. Don’t Shop Hungry! This one may seem like common sense but it’s worth mentioning. We all know that feeling when you enter the grocery store with an empty stomach – before you know it, you’ve added unnecessary items to your cart that weren’t on your list! Eating something before shopping is a great way to prevent overspending and make sure that whatever is in your basket is actually necessary. 
  2. Look for Items on Special: It pays to be aware of what’s in season and what’s discounted! Many stores will put certain items on special each week and if they’re things that you need anyway, why not take advantage? It could mean the difference between spending $50 or $100 on groceries. 
  3. Shop Seasonal: Shopping seasonal products can also mean saving big bucks at check out. In-season fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper than buying out of season items from abroad that have been flown across the world just to make their way into your trolley! Plus seasonal produce usually tastes better too so there’s an added bonus there. 
  4. Low Cost Cuts: When it comes to meat, keep an eye out for low cost cuts such as mince or stewing steak rather than more expensive options like ribeye steak which will bump up your bill significantly. Investing in a slow cooker can also help stretch your food budget further as cheaper cuts of meat can be cooked slowly over time without compromising on flavour or quality! 
  5. Use Shping: Shping can give you an automatic comparison on your grocery items so you’ll always pay the lowest price. It’s the easiest way to cut your spending and it’s completely free to use.


You don’t have to be Scrooge McDuck when it comes to doing groceries – there are plenty of creative ways to save money and still get exactly what you need at the checkout! Being mindful of what’s in season, looking out for discounts and being aware of cheaper cuts of meat are all simple ways that can help reduce costs while shopping so next time you hit the store, take note of our suggestions and see how much you can save! Who knows – maybe those savings will add up enough for a well deserved holiday away this year? The possibilities are endless!