Level up your rewards

Did you know you can earn extra Shping Coin by levelling up?

We’re seeing some users withdraw $75.00 a month and more by reaching the ambassador tier level.

We’ve created 5 levels for you to earn extra Shping coin. Here’s a quick explainer on how, just by using the app, you can level up and start earning some serious coin.

Let’s start with the levels and requirements


The start of your Shping level-up journey. If you’re here after 2 weeks, you’re not being a Boss shopper.

Requirements per month: None.



You’re a dabbler, someone that wants to get more from shopping.

Requirements per month:

5 Product clicks

1 Receipt upload

1 Active day on the app

1 written review + photo



Getting serious about your rewards, we like that! Silver earns you 1/3 more coins than basic. You are on your way to being a Boss shopper.

Requirements per month:

30 Product clicks

4 Receipt uploads

5 Active days on the app

1 written review + photo

1 use of your loyalty card through the app

>20% of your in app Smart Shopping List matches your receipt

<10 receipts with a ‘needs attention’ status



You Shop like a Boss! Our gold users know that it’s not just about savings with Shping it’s about earning Shping Coin.

Requirements per month:

40 Product clicks

5 Receipt uploads

10 Active days on the app

1 written review + video

2 uses of your loyalty card through the app

>30% of your in app Smart Shopping List matches your receipt

<5 receipts with a ‘needs attention’ status

>70 Karma



Ummm, you are kind of a big deal at Shping. If you’re platinum, you’ve taken your shopping to a whole new level. This is an amazing achievement – Nice work!

Requirements per month:

50 Product clicks

5 Receipt uploads

20 Active days on the app

2 written reviews + video

3 uses of your loyalty card through the app

>50% of your in app Smart Shopping List matches your receipt

0 receipts with a ‘needs attention’ status

>80 Karma



You are the definition of a Boss shopper. You’re Savvy, Thrifty, Smart, Powerful, Talented, a Savings Guru and really, really Good Looking 😀

Requirements per month:

60 Product clicks

8 Receipt uploads

25 Active days on the app

4 written reviews + video

4 uses of your loyalty card through the app

>80% of your in app Smart Shopping List matches your receipt

0 receipts with a ‘needs attention’ status

>90 Karma


Using Shping already makes you pretty special as you’re saving and earning on top of your regular shopping activities. But leveling your app is the way to earn even more making every shopping trip a rewarding experience.

Jump into your app and see the activities you need to complete to get to the next level.

The Great Grocery Debate: Fresh vs Frozen

The Great Grocery Debate: Frozen vs Fresh

When you make your grocery list, you always remember the line ‘fresher is better’. But what about frozen? It turns out that frozen can be just as good as fresh when it comes to getting our daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Let’s take a look at the facts and see why frozen veggies are worth a second glance and why frozen can be more cost effective!


The Benefits of Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables have several advantages over their fresh counterparts. First and foremost, they are much more convenient. You can buy them in bulk and store them for months without worrying about them going bad. And since they come pre-cut, you don’t have to spend time washing, peeling, and chopping them before cooking. This makes them ideal for busy cooks who don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch every day.


Not only are frozen vegetables convenient, but they may also actually be healthier than fresh vegetables. That’s because most frozen veggies are flash-frozen immediately after harvesting, which helps preserve their nutritional content better than storing them in a fridge where nutrients can quickly degrade over time. Plus, many frozen vegetables are already washed and cut so there’s no risk of contamination from unclean tools or water sources like there is with fresh produce.


Finally, frozen vegetables tend to be cheaper than their fresh counterparts because you don’t have to pay for the additional labour that goes into washing and chopping them. This makes them an economical option for anyone who wants to eat healthily on a budget and with Shping’s Smart Shopping List you can compare prices across multiple stores to find the cheapest deal – fresh or frozen. If you don’t have the app make sure you download it today.


So, there you have it – the great grocery debate of fresh versus frozen! While both types of vegetables can provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals we need in our diets, there’s no denying that frozen has some distinct advantages over its fresher counterpart – convenience being one of the biggest ones! So next time you’re stocking up on groceries, don’t forget to pick up some bags of flash-frozen veggies too – your wallet (and your taste buds!) will thank you!

Are Your Reward Cards Really Worth It?

Loyalty cards. Are they worth the hassle?

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a stack of loyalty cards in your wallet. Whether it’s the grocery store, the pharmacy, or your favourite clothing store, having a rewards card means that you can get back a little something extra every time you shop. But are those rewards really worth the effort? Let’s take a look at the benefits of your loyalty cards and how you can help boost your rewards even further. 

Loyalty programs offer discounts and points that can be redeemed for other items or discounts in their respective stores. It’s an easy way for us to get a little back for spending our hard-earned money. Two of Australia’s biggest grocery stores reward you with points for just doing your normal shopping and after a few visits you can redeem your points for a discount on your next bill and over time this can mean a significant amount of cash back. But it’s not just getting cash back, we’ve all heard the stories of our friends and family redeeming points for overseas holidays – so a little can turn into a lot! 

Why do stores have loyalty cards? 

Scanning your rewards card at the check-out passes valuable information on the products you buy and the time you shop onto retailers so they can entice you with offers on products you’d find valuable. They also use this information to make sure stores can handle consumer demands at peak times. In return for providing this information, you get a small reward that can mean a significant amount over time lowering your overall spend – it’s win-win!

What can we do to increase our rewards? 

That’s where Shping comes in! Using your Shping app, available from Google Play Store and Apple store, allows you to scan barcodes on products within participating stores (including Woolworths) to find out more about them – such as nutritional information and reviews – as well as collect rewards coins with a receipt upload which translates into real dollars that you can cash out!

A number of Shping users are cashing out $75.00 a month by doing all the in-app activities like writing reviews, scanning barcodes, engaging with brand content. Shping makes this possible by allowing brands, not stores, to reward their customers so you can turbocharge your rewards by using your store loyalty cards and using the Shping app.

All of this adds up to huge savings over time—a great reward that really makes it worth it! Best of all it’s made to work with the current loyalty card system so it’s an addition not a substitution. Shping has even included a way that you can store your loyalty cards inside the app. You’ll never miss out on maximizing your rewards again!

Loyalty cards may seem like small potatoes but they can add up to some significant savings over time—especially if you use apps like Shping to maximize your rewards! The key is understanding how these programs work so that you can make sure that all your purchases count towards your rewards balance. So take the time to read through the fine print of any loyalty program before signing up so that you know exactly what kind of rewards are available and the best way to use them! With just a little bit of research and effort, you’ll be able to maximise your returns while still getting great value on all your purchases – now that’s worth it!

Shping Karma explained

Karma is here to give you a well-deserved pat on the back.


What is Shping Karma?

Shping has introduced Karma to reward users for providing a positive experience for others. Also a higher Karma score allows you to reach a higher level tier in the application giving you greater rewards

In Eastern philosophy, Karma is the belief that the actions and choices you make have consequences.
In the world of Shping, it’s sort of the same! You start off with a a karma score of 60, the maximum amount is 99.

Doing things properly in the app gives you positive karma points, whereas there are also actions that can reduce your karma.

Think of Karma as your guide to using the Shping app productively!

How to increase your karma

Accepted video reviews
Create video content about your favourite products and post it as a review – simple as that!

Review “likes”
Putting in extra effort to make your reviews awesome can help get likes from the Shping community. Remember to ‘like’ others reviews so they get more karma too!

Receipt upload via loyalty card tab
Upload your receipts at checkout after using your loyalty card and earn karma.

How to avoid Karma reductions

Rejected reviews
Reviews that are low quality, not genuine, not informative or AI generated are likely to be rejected.

Review “dislikes”
The community can also decide to “dislike” reviews, perhaps it was inaccurate or highly controversial.

General fraud and scam behaviour
This one’s simple – don’t take the system for advantage.

And remember, Karma is here to ensure that the information you are getting from other users is relevant and accurate so you can save, learn and earn more from the Shping application. So remember to read and like informative reviews and to write your own product reviews that will help others decide which product is right for them.

Happy shopping!

5 ways to save money at the checkout

5 Fun Ways to Save Money at the Checkout


Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees and every penny counts. That’s why we have some fun ideas for you to save money when you shop! You don’t have to become a tightwad with your budget, but by following a few of these tips at the checkout, you could start seeing some serious savings in no time. 


  1. Don’t Shop Hungry! This one may seem like common sense but it’s worth mentioning. We all know that feeling when you enter the grocery store with an empty stomach – before you know it, you’ve added unnecessary items to your cart that weren’t on your list! Eating something before shopping is a great way to prevent overspending and make sure that whatever is in your basket is actually necessary. 
  2. Look for Items on Special: It pays to be aware of what’s in season and what’s discounted! Many stores will put certain items on special each week and if they’re things that you need anyway, why not take advantage? It could mean the difference between spending $50 or $100 on groceries. 
  3. Shop Seasonal: Shopping seasonal products can also mean saving big bucks at check out. In-season fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper than buying out of season items from abroad that have been flown across the world just to make their way into your trolley! Plus seasonal produce usually tastes better too so there’s an added bonus there. 
  4. Low Cost Cuts: When it comes to meat, keep an eye out for low cost cuts such as mince or stewing steak rather than more expensive options like ribeye steak which will bump up your bill significantly. Investing in a slow cooker can also help stretch your food budget further as cheaper cuts of meat can be cooked slowly over time without compromising on flavour or quality! 
  5. Use Shping: Shping can give you an automatic comparison on your grocery items so you’ll always pay the lowest price. It’s the easiest way to cut your spending and it’s completely free to use.


You don’t have to be Scrooge McDuck when it comes to doing groceries – there are plenty of creative ways to save money and still get exactly what you need at the checkout! Being mindful of what’s in season, looking out for discounts and being aware of cheaper cuts of meat are all simple ways that can help reduce costs while shopping so next time you hit the store, take note of our suggestions and see how much you can save! Who knows – maybe those savings will add up enough for a well deserved holiday away this year? The possibilities are endless!

Capture your receipts best side

A how-to for receipt capture

Do you have a good side when taking photos?

When you take a photo to upload your receipt, we want to make sure you get that blue-steel shot. Before we get into tips for a photoshoot, if you upload your receipts then you are a SUPERSTAR!

It’s the best way to earn rewards from your favourite brands as they want to support you supporting them! It’s also handy to have your receipt for those pesky product returns when you’re asked, “Where’s your receipt?”.

As Shping gears up to be the biggest product database, our system sometimes gets confused, so from time to time we may need your help mapping products from your receipt. We’ll give extra rewards for that. Just keep an eye on your ‘Needs attention’ folder for those products. This will also help you level up your app, too! So here is a quick guide on how to capture the best side of your receipt.


● Black and white sets the tone – Place your receipt on a flat solid colour background away from any other text and make your camera width the same width as your receipt.● Get the mood lighting just right – Make sure you are in a well-lit area so the information is clear on your phone camera.
● Your receipt is beautiful so get all of it – Take multiple photos from top to bottom to get the whole receipt, as information and the top of the receipt and the bottom is just as important as the products.
● Let nothing slip through the cracks – your ‘Needs attention’ folder may have some products that can be mapped for added Shping Coin. So, to sum it up, make sure you take multiple shots of just your receipt from top to bottom with great lighting.

Don’t forget to play by the rules:
Only upload your own receipts within 7 days of purchase. Multiple uploads of the same receipt won’t work.

How to Make Crypto $$ While You Shop

Cryptocurrency is more accessible than the fancy technical jargon suggests. Here’s how simple parts of your weekly routine can help you earn real-world crypto cash.

Why Cryptocurrency?
Did you know your weekly trip to the shops can help you earn cryptocurrency? By scanning the barcode on the full-cream during your milk and bread run, you can be rewarded with cryptocurrency and a foot in the door of a blockchain-based future. That’s where Shping comes in with our Shping Coins, tokens designed to make cryptocurrency accessible and practical for everyday life. If you’re looking to get ahead of trends and make some crypto cash along the way, here’s what you need to know:

Get scanning
The Shping app is the world’s largest product search engine, and with the help of consumers like you, we can make it even more complete, powerful, and useful. By scanning product barcodes through the app, you not only get the instant lowdown on pertinent product information supplied directly from industry authorities and brands: you also earn cold hard crypto cash in the form of Shping Coins.

For those treasure hunters out there, if you find a barcode that hasn’t been entered into our database yet, you can earn additional Shping Coins by uploading images of the product, adding reviews and missing details that aren’t found in Shping’s Global Product Database.

A couple is grocery shopping and checking phone for more product information
Review for Rewards
Another vital part of the Shping platform is your reviews: what made the product a hit or a miss, how you used the product, any hacks you’d pass on to the next user. This is all information that’s vital to our purchasing decisions, but that you won’t find on the label of a tin.

You can earn Shping Coins by contributing product reviews through the Shping App. In your reviews you can add text, video and photos of the product in action: whatever you think will help the next customer make their decision. You’ll be rewarded with Shping Coins by brands for adding yet another layer of useful, real-world experience to our product database for other users to access.

Scan your way to the top: Increase your Shping status to earn more
Looking for a way to earn even more cryptocurrency? You can double, triple, even earn 10 x more Shping Coins by increasing your Shping status. From Basic through to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each tier offers a multiplier that adds to your earned coins each month. So how do you upgrade your status to make the leap to that elusive platinum level (which comes with a tasty 10 x multiplier on all Shping Coins earned each month)?

Woman scanning product with her phone

Shping app users can upgrade their status by scanning an allocated number of product barcodes regularly: once you hit the target number of scans per month, you’ll automatically level-up. Make sure you’re maintaining those scans regularly – the number of days allowed between scans gets smaller each level you go up. You can also enlist your friends to help you earn some extra Shping Coins by inviting and adding “Shping Buddies.”

If you’re sitting pretty on gold or platinum status and raking in those multipliers on your monthly Coins, you’ll need to maintain a high volume of loot (or Shping Coins) to keep your status at the top. If you don’t meet your monthly target, you won’t have to worry about a dramatic fall from grace: users can only upgrade or downgrade their status once a month, one tier at a time. Once you’ve earned your coins while scanning, reviewing and shopping, you can withdraw your earnings to your crypto wallet and convert them to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and even Australian dollars.

Want to know more? Download the app from App Store or Google Play and get scanning and earning today.

Download the app here

5 Top Shopping Apps


In the era of constantly developing technologies, most of us have learned to take advantage of available solutions and make everyday life as trouble-free as possible. The situation is no different when it comes to shopping. Going to a store and walking down all the aisles to find the products you need seems to be a nightmare. Moreover, you probably don’t remember the last time you went shopping without checking available coupons or special offers. Keep reading to discover 5 top shopping apps in Australia that changed our lives for the better and can help you save both money and time.

1. Shping

Shping is an outstanding shopping companion that allows you to save money and earn Shping Coins while interacting with your top products. Compare prices, store loyalty cards in one place and find amazing deals offered by various shops across Australia. This way, you aren’t limited to one or two suppliers which guarantees that you can buy everyday essentials at the most attractive prices. Shping includes genuine reviews written by other shoppers which allows you to find rare gems and check whether it’s worth investing in particular items.

2. Catch

If you can’t imagine shopping without discounts, Catch is the perfect app for you. Every day, you can unlock attractive offers on beauty products, groceries, fashion or home appliances. Search thousands of products from manufacturers such as Nike or Samsung, create wish lists and buy essentials at lower prices. There are special flesh sales three times a day so you don’t need to worry that you’ll miss the boat if you don’t check the app every few minutes.

3. Half Price

As the name itself suggests, Half Price is an online catalogue of products from across Australia that are offered at 50% lower prices. The app and special deals are updated every Wednesday, therefore, if you want to buy a specific item that costs an arm and a leg, Half Price is perfect for you – perhaps your dream product will be discounted one day.

4. Groupon

Groupon is a blessing for every coupon enthusiast. It doesn’t matter whether you want to book a hotel or buy a spa voucher for your significant other. With this shopping app, you can access thousands of amazing deals offered even 70% cheaper. Browse a wide range of categories and benefit from available attractions.

5. Woolworths

If you’re planning big shopping in this store, the Woolworths app will facilitate the task by providing you with an extensive list of available products, weekly specials and aisle numbers. Thanks to it, you won’t waste time trying to find specific items from your list. Moreover, it’s possible to share your shopping list with others which is particularly helpful in the era of the ongoing pandemic and isolation. If you don’t have someone who could shop for you, order groceries online and wait for Woolworths to deliver them to your home.

Benefiting from the best shopping apps in Australia means more efficient and responsible purchases which have a measurable impact on your life comfort. Don’t wait and download these apps to save your time and money.

6 Benefits of Shopping with Shping

From finding the best product to fit your needs, to being rewarded for making smarter, safer shopping choices, here are six ways shopping with Shping keeps you in-the-know when you’re on-the-go. 

1. Get rewarded in crypto-cash 
The Shping app is the largest product search engine in the world, which means it’s a great resource for making smarter, more informed shopping decisions on-the-go. Yet Shping users aren’t just given access to key product information at the touch of a button: they’re also rewarded for their use of the app with cryptocurrency  earned through each scan, shot, tap and review.

For the intrepid user that scans a product not yet on the Shping database, adding images, a description and reviews for this new product will earn them extra Shping coins for their efforts.

2. Get familiar with cryptocurrency
As the world moves closer to a cashless society, talk of cryptocurrency has dominated conversations across the media, the office water cooler, the pub and the dinner table. Yet the world of cryptocurrency can also feel complicated and confusing for many average shoppers. Shping provides our users with everyday, real-world contact to this new trend, and gives them real buy-in to the future of blockchain technology. You can exchange your hard-earned Shping coins into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even swap your coins for Australian dollars – all you’ll need to do is withdraw your Shping coins into your crypto wallet to cash out your earnings.


3. Level-up for more loot
Avid savers and bargain hunters looking for a way to earn more cryptocurrency can increase their Shping status to earn up to 10 times more Shping coins per month. From Basic through to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each new tier offers a multiplier that boosts the number of coins users earn within the app. Shping app users can upgrade their status by scanning an allocated number of product barcodes each month. Hot tip: you can scan your grocery shopping to upgrade your status until you reach platinum. To maintain your status at the top, all you need to do is keep scanning those barcodes regularly!

4.  Self-service convenience
Instead of trying to flag down an elusive shop assistant during the weekend rush, turn to Shping to find out exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. With its app-based functionality, Shping allows users to instantly and conveniently assess the quality, authenticity and suitability of the products they are purchasing with the scan of a barcode. As a mobile product search engine, Shping seamlessly enhances the shopping experience, empowering users to unlock their reviewing power to make smarter purchasing decisions.

5.  Check for recalls
Take a look at a barcode near you: there’s probably one printed on something on your desk, in your bag, or in the room you’re in. These everyday objects are so common we’ve learned to tune them out, but within these overlooked markings lies a treasure trove of information and traceability.

This information tells us what a product costs, what it is, where it came from and whether it’s been recalled. By using Shping to scan a product’s barcode you can be kept in the know about pertinent product information and recalls supplied directly by industry authorities and brands.

What’s more, if there’s a recall you’re not aware of, especially in high-risk products like baby formula, scanning the barcode will bring up the recall status of your product with one simple touch.

6.  Use reviews to make informed decisions
It’s not just purchasing power that consumers command: they also hold the power of persuasion as trusted peers and authentic brand advocates. Consumer recommendations are hugely persuasive, with 84% shoppers saying they trust personal recommendations from their family, friends and peers.

Scan a product’s barcode with Shping and see what people who have actually used it have to say. Out review functionality means users can extract and share real-world, experience-based product information with other users. That helps you see instantly if a product is going to suit your needs, all while creating a seamless shopping experience in the palm of your hand.

To find out more about how Shping can enhance your everyday shopping experience while earning you crypto cash, download the app from App Store or Google Play  today.

Download the app here

Unlock the power of the barcode

Barcodes surround us in everyday life, but they often go completely unnoticed. These bars carry much more weight than it would seem: from telling a story about the life of a product, to giving consumers valuable information about its price, safety, and origins, here’s how to unlock the power of the barcode to drive real-life rewards.

Scan to gain crypto cash 
One of the most rewarding uses for a barcode is also the easiest: awaken your inner checkout chick and get scanning. Scanning product barcodes is a fast and easy way to earn cryptocurrency through our Shping Coins, and an added bonus exists for enterprising customers who find a barcode that’s not yet in the Shping database.

Adding product information, reviews and images for this new product will earn you extra Shping Coins: get enough and you’ll level-up to receive even more bonuses and crypto rewards. Stock up on enough coins, and you’ll be able to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll even be able to exchange your Shping coins for Australian dollars when you withdraw them into your crypto wallet.


Connect to a global network
Barcodes already exist on almost everything we purchase, and the Shping App enables consumers to tap into this global product database to verify the authenticity, safety, and standards of the product they’re buying.

Using integrated blockchain technology, the Shping database provides consumers with full traceability of the supply chain of the product in their hands. That empowers Shping users to make smarter, more informed purchasing decisions.

Know about recalls when they happen 
A product recall can be a scare that puts you on edge about buying any similar products in future.

We’ve all seen a news story about a hepatitis scare in a particular brand of frozen berries, then gone to our freezer and promptly thrown away every berry in sight, avoiding all frozen berries in the supermarket for a whole month just for good measure.

Shping harnesses the power and traceability of barcodes to help you eliminate that guesswork.

Our Shping App instantly alerts users who are scanning or have recently scanned the barcode of a product that is subject to a recall. This stops even more purchases of a defective or dangerous product, and lets you return your faulty goods for refund, service, or exchange.

So how do we know about recalls when they happen? We source information from official Product Recall authorities the world over, distributing product recall notices for products with specific batch numbers through the Shping Platform.


To find out more about how Shping can enhance your everyday shopping experience while earning you crypto cash, download the app from App Store or Google Play  today.

Download the app here