June, 2017

NEW NAME – SHPING AuthenticateIt rebrands into Shping. The platform’s features are streamlined and merged into properly defined modules. Shping App and back-end platform officially released in Beta

January – March, 2018

SHPING UTILITY TOKEN A blockchain-based utility token called “Shping Coin” is developed to reward users for interacting with products, brands and retailers.

July, 2018

SHPING COIN – LISTED SHPING COINS starts trading on a number of crypto exchanges. Onboarding of pilot clients for Shping Marketing module Smart Media, a product content management supplier with direct connection to thousands of brands, partners with Shping,...

October, 2018

WALLET & CASH OUT Introduced the new wallet feature that allows users to convert their Shping Coins into cash deposits. Shping Coins earned from scanning, reviewing and sharing can now be cashed out directly into App users Australian bank...

November, 2018

SINAGPORE CASH OUT &CMCCash out feature launches in Singapore. Shping is listed on CoinMarketCap.