Review Posting Guidelines

We’re making a few changes to make sure reviews are useful for other shoppers.

  • Reviews must be detailed, informative and contain valuable information for shoppers
  • Short reviews that are only a few words and which do not contain useful product information will no longer be accepted
  • Reviews should be written clearly, with correct spelling and grammar
  • Please don’t include swearing or offensive language in your reviews
  • Be creative, be objective, be helpful.

For detailed guidelines, please see below:

Always informative

You must provide useful information in your reviews to indicate that you have used this product. We may not accept reviews if we believe there is not enough information to indicate use. For instance, “great product” or “great tasting” is too generic to qualify as useful.

Be relevant

The review should be objective and must relate to the product in question and your own personal experience using it.

Provide value to other shoppers

Think about what it is about the product that you like or dislike. Why would you purchase it again? All of these things could help other shoppers decide whether or not to buy that product. Please be informative and share your experiences and opinions.

Use clear language with correct spelling and grammar

We encourage you to write useful reviews that others will find easy to read and understand. Try to avoid too much slang or acronyms that other shoppers might not know. Think about how you might write to your mum or grandma. Would they understand it?

Do not use offensive language

We will not tolerate swearing or abusive language. We encourage you to be professional when sharing your thoughts about a product.

Any threatening language will be reported and your account may be suspended.

Do not share personal details

These reviews are public so do not share personal details such as names, emails or contact details in a review. These will not be published for your security.

Fake reviews

If you have evidence that a review is fake, please report it and supply any evidence to support your claim. If evidence supports this, we may remove the review and report activity to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Undisclosed sponsorship

If you have a relationship with the brand or product in question, we ask that your disclose your relationship in the review. If it is reported that this relationship was not disclosed, we may remove the review and report activity to the ACCC.

Report reviews

We are conscious that our moderators can make mistakes and sometimes reviews are accepted when they should not be. Users can report a review they think violates these guidelines and the review will be moderated again.

Review decisions

All reviews are assessed by either our internal team of moderators or by the brands themselves. The decisions of the moderators and/or brands are final. If your review is not accepted, you will not receive rewards for this review.