Cash out your crypto with the tap of a button

Do you want to earn and convert cryptocurrency into Australian dollars with a single tap? With the introduction of our new wallet feature, Shping Coin is now the first cryptocurrency to offer direct cash out to any bank in Australia.

That means any Shping Coins you earn while scanning, sharing and reviewing can be cashed out directly to your bank account, when and where you want it. Here’s how:

What’s a Shping Coin?
If you’re new to Shping, you might be wondering what Shping Coins are. These coins are our very own cryptocurrency, and can be earned while you go about your day-to-day shopping. That means strolling the aisles and scanning barcodes, taking photos of products and writing reviews can all earn you cold-hard crypto cash. It’s an easy way to dip a toe into the world of cryptocurrency without needing a computer science degree.

Think of Shping as your shopping buddy: in addition to giving you the most relevant product information like promotions, reviews and recall status, it rewards you for your efforts with Coins that can be converted into cold hard cash.

Step 1: Earn your Shping Coins
Once you’ve downloaded the Shping App and registered your account, you’re ready to start earning Shping Coins. You can earn Coins in the ways that suit you best: from scanning the barcode of items you find in-store, to taking photos of your purchases in action at home. Adding handy tips, hints and reviews for other Shping users can earn you extra points.


Here’s a hot tip: if you want to earn up to 10,000 Shping Coins a month, you can invite your friends to become your ‘Shping Buddies’. You’ll get a 1,000 coin bonus for every friend that signs up!

If you’re already up to speed with scanning and earning Coins, you’ll want to know what to do with the loot you’ve collected. Are you ready to cash your rewards out? Head to the next step:

Step 2: Enter your details
Cashing out your Shping Coin is easy: first, you’ll need to head to the Rewards tab. Can you see how many coins you’ve earned so far? Nice one! Choose ‘cash out’ to withdraw your coins and add the bank account you want your Shping earnings deposited in.

Step 3: Cash out directly to your bank account
Forget complicated voucher codes or in-store-only offers: with Shping, It’s never been easier to redeem your rewards. All you have to do to cash out your Shping Coins is tap that ‘Submit’ button. That’s all it takes to get your coins transferred into cold hard cash, deposited directly into your account. After one-two business days, your funds should be available. Too easy!

Have a better shopping experience with Shping, and get rewarded for making smarter purchasing choices today. Download the app today.

Download the app here

Cash out your coins: A step-by-step guide

Did you know Shping is the first cryptocurrency to offer direct cash out to any bank in Australia? Cash out makes it super quick and easy to redeem the coins you’ve earned while scanning for cold hard cash.

In this step-by-step guide we’ll take you through how you can cash out rewards straight to your bank account with Shping.

Crypto has never been easier

So you’ve scanned your heart out and accumulated a bunch of Shping coins. Nice one! What’s next?

Step 1: Shping’s cash-out wallet feature lets you transfer the coins you’ve earned straight into your bank account. The first step is to open the Shping app and go to your ‘Rewards’ tab. Here you can choose how many coins you want to withdraw.

Rewards Wallet

Step 2: Now choose ‘Cash Out’ to withdraw your coins to your bank account.

Select Cash Out

Step 3: If you’re a first-timer to cashing out, you’ll need to add a new bank account. Fill in the bank details of the account you want your Shping coins to be transferred into.

Enter Bank Details

Step 4: You’re almost there! Review your transaction to make sure you’ve put in the right transfer amount and the right bank details. If everything looks good to go, hit the Submit button!

Confirm your details

Step 5: Cash out your rewards straight to your bank account. You’ll get a transaction receipt that will let you know your funds are pending. Sit tight! It usually takes 1-2 business days for your funds to become available.

Cash out complete

And that’s it! With just a few taps of a button, you’ve earned and redeemed crypto by shopping with Shping.

Have a better shopping experience with Shping, and get rewarded for making smarter purchasing choices today.

Download the app here

This Christmas treat yourself twice with Shping

The Christmas period may have you running around trying to find every item on that shopping list, but don’t forget to take time out to treat yourself.

With each Australian expected to spend close to $500 these holidays, ‘tis the season to indulge in some well-earned retail therapy.  While you’re spoiling yourself and your family at the shops, Shping treats you again with cash rewards while you shop: here’s how.

Instantly earn cash rewards

Shping users are treated to cash rewards just for scanning, uploading and writing reviews of the products they come across. Shping Coin rewards you with the scan of a barcode: each scan, review and image upload gets you closer to leveling-up and earning even more cash! Treat yourself this Christmas, and your shopping companion Shping will treat you in-store with rewards delivered in the palm of your hand.

If you’re looking for a way to earn more cash rewards, you can double, triple and even earn ten times more Shping Coins each month. All it takes is scanning, reviewing and uploading images to increase your Shping status. Starting at Basic, and taking you through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each level unlocks a multiplier that boosts the number of coins you can earn per month.

Once you’ve collected a nice stash of Shping coins, you can transfer these out for cold hard cash directly to any bank across Australia and Singapore. All it takes is a few taps in the Shping app to get your coins transferred directly into your selected bank account in 1 – 2 business days. Want to know more about cashing out? Read our step-by-step guide.

Shping is your pocket-sized shopping companion this Christmas: take a moment to reward yourself at the shops, and you’ll get rewarded while you shop – you deserve it!

Have a better shopping experience with Shping, and get rewarded for your Christmas shopping hauls today.  

Download the app here