Have you ever wondered what makes people choose specific products? What if you offer competitive prices and invest significant amounts in advertisements but your revenues leave much to be desired? The solution to the problem is simple – shopper marketing.

Shopper marketing – what is it?

Shopper marketing focuses on refining customer experience. It aims to boost in-store and online sales. Contrary to other forms of marketing, it revolves around the final step of the shopping path and convinces people that it’s worth buying the product they’re considering.

As a buyer, you don’t realize how many shop design elements are supposed to attract visitors. Imagine that you’re in one of the supermarkets. Each of the aisles is filled with different product categories. You want to taste new coffee so you look at hundreds of available brands. The prices are comparable, yet you decide to grab one specific package. This is the result of tactics employed by shopper marketers. 

What is Shopper Marketing

How does shopper marketing work?

Now, when you know what shopper marketing is, you probably wonder how to implement it into your business strategy.

Displays and demos 

Signs and slogans attract customers’ attention, convince them to make a purchase and improve customer experience. How? Imagine that you’ve only a 20 minute work break and you want to go shopping but the layout of the store is so chaotic that you waste most of the time looking for the items you need. Doesn’t sound appealing, does it?

Demosshowing products in use improve awareness and reassure people that they won’t regret the purchase. Actually, seeing how someone else benefits from a specific item can convince potential customers to buy. 

Cooperating with Shping, a price comparison app, means that potential customers are able to learn about your range and benefit from reviews written by other buyers. This helps them see what makes your products stand out from the crowd. Moreover, Shping gives you valuable insights in shoppers profiles so that you can refine your marketing strategies. Benefit from personalized push notifications and trigger based communications to attract customers for longer and tailor messages to their expectations.

Shopper Marketing

Coupons, discounts and rewards

Offering free samples, discounts, coupons or other rewards such as virtual coins is a great shopper marketing strategy that makes people want to choose your products. 

Shping helps shop owners get closer to their customers by informing buyers about special deals, comparing prices of specific items, introducing cashbacks or buy-now promotions. Thanks to it, potential buyers, encouraged by attractive coupons or Shping Coins earned every time they use the app, are more likely to select your products. Also, see our previous article: Simplify shopper marketing with Shping.


Customer generated content and social proof are probably the greatest ways of attracting new buyers. Nowadays, people shop responsibly, therefore, they search for genuine reviews such as the ones provided by Sphing. Users wondering whether it’s worth buying a particular item are able to scan its barcode and see opinions written by others. This can improve your product awareness and build an engaged audience. 

In a nutshell, shopper marketing is about understanding buyers and taking steps which convince customers ready to make a purchase that it’s worth choosing your products. Don’t wait and start your cooperation with Sphing to connect your brand with buyers.