Most women love makeup and apply it on an everyday basis to accentuate their beauty and style. The market abounds in a variety of eye shadow pallets, lipsticks, foundations, creams and makeup accessories. How to equip your dressing table without spending a fortune? Keep reading to learn the secrets of buying makeup on a budget!


Select multifunctional products

Believe us or not – lipsticks can serve as perfect eye shadows or blushes. Cut your expenses by choosing only necessary items that are multifunctional. Full face makeup doesn’t require using hundreds of products. This way, apart from saving money, you’ll also minimize the risk of applying cosmetics past their expiration date that could ruin your skin.

How to save money on make up?

Equip yourself with quality brushes

Have you ever heard the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”? Well, it’s truly accurate in this case. Flawless makeup requires certain accessories. Being greedy and choosing the cheapest options will probably mean that you’ll have to buy new brushes and sponges every month or so. Go for quality items that don’t harm your skin and guarantee that cosmetics look good.

Choose more affordable options

Quality of products isn’t always reflected by their price. Choosing cosmetics that cost an arm and a leg doesn’t guarantee satisfaction. Sometimes it’s beneficial to select less expensive brands that offer top-notch substitutes of popular makeup items. If you want to save money and shop wisely, benefit from price comparison apps such as Shping which enables scanning barcodes and reading genuine product reviews. This way, you can quickly compare prices of specific items in various stores and see how other users evaluate them.

Family sizes aren’t that bad

As you’ve probably noticed, buying bigger product variants is a great way to save money. Why shouldn’t you get your favorite shampoo in bulk at attractive prices, if you know you’re going to use it anyway? When buying cosmetics, always check their price per unit and offers of other stores to see if getting a larger size is really profitable. Use Shping to find the best deals and save on cosmetics.

Use coupons

Loyalty cards, coupons and sales are a perfect recipe for saving money, not only on makeup. There’s always an opportunity to find your dream cosmetics at attractive prices. Follow your favorite brands on social media or benefit from Shping to have an insight into special offers across the country. Moreover, you can also store your loyalty cards in the app to earn extra rewards and make your wallet more organized.

How to Save Money on Cosmetics and Makeup


Consider various stores

Although most of us associate makeup shopping with drugstores, buying cosmetics in various unconventional locations can bring great benefits to your budget. Just think about supermarkets, craft fairs, online drugstores or the so-called dollar shops. These places usually offer the same items as fancy and expensive beauty supply stores. Take advantage of this opportunity and browse all the offers to find the most profitable options. With the help of Shping you can effortlessly scan product barcodes to see prices of specific items in various locations. Forget about overpaying and enjoy your makeup shopping!

Saving money on cosmetics isn’t particularly complex. In fact, it’s enough to download Shping and gain access to various offers from across the country. Scan barcodes of your favorite products to compare their prices, read reviews and earn virtual coins that can be later converted into real money and spent on e.g. a brand new lipstick.