Although many people assume that it’s impossible to shop smart for groceries or save money and still buy nutritious, quality ingredients, there is nothing further from the truth. Learn how to tweak your shopping habits and benefit from available resources to hit your savings goals and reduce food waste.

1. Prepare a meal plan

Trust us, there is nothing worse than visiting a grocery store on an empty stomach and purchasing literally everything you see, without a proper strategy. Checking your pantry and devising a meal plan for the week based on ingredients that are already at your home will allow you to minimize expenses and avoid buying unnecessary products.

2. Use price comparison apps

Don’t you hate the feeling when you buy something in one store and a few minutes later it turns out that the same item is significantly cheaper somewhere else? Well, price comparison apps such as Shping solve the problem once and for all. Download it and find the best deals for products you need to purchase. Thanks to such a simple step, you can save up to $3000 a year and shop smart for groceries by checking genuine reviews. Moreover, Shping rewards you with special coins that can be converted into real money every time you use the app. This way, you can earn while performing everyday tasks.

How to Shop Smart for Groceries

3. Buy versatile ingredients

Certain ingredients are suitable for soups, desserts and a wide range of main courses, whereas others can be used only for specific meals. Choosing more versatile recipes doesn’t mean that you’ll need to eat the same thing every day. Thanks to this simple tip, you can shop smarter and cut your expenditure on produce you don’t actually need in your fridge. 

4. Follow your favorite brands

It’s not advisable to purchase random products impulsively only because they’re on sale. If you want to shop smart for groceries, follow your favorite brands online to be notified about special offers, coupons or discounts on ingredients you normally buy. But what if your grocery store doesn’t have its Instagram profile? Don’t worry! Shping will provide you with all the necessary information – compare prices of products, earn coins for using the app and find the finest deals. All of this done comfortably in one place!

how to save money every month on groceries


5. Buy seasonal food

Take advantage of seasonality and choose particular fruit and vegetables when they’re cheaper. Although it’s still worth taking care of diet diversification, it’s also great to eat as many watermelons or strawberries when they’re in season as possible. Moreover, if you don’t shop for food everyday, go for ingredients at different stages of ripeness to have necessary produce at your fingertips every time you need it.

6. Become friends with coupons

Coupons make it unbelievably easy to shop smart for groceries and save lots of money. Buy necessary ingredients at attractive prices and benefit from Shping to check available offers, scan barcodes and read reviews that guarantee you buy only top-notch items. Upload your receipts to the price comparison app to receive coins and convert them into money during your next grocery shopping.

As you can see, smart grocery shopping is actually a piece of cake. Take advantage of available resources such as the Shping app to refine your habits, minimize waste and purchase quality goods at affordable prices. After all, we live in the era of boundless possibilities, so why shouldn’t you benefit from that?