Are you wondering how to save money on groceries and still eat healthy? Refining your budget and shopping strategy will allow you to buy more efficiently. Keep reading our entry to discover 8 tips that will help you hit your savings goals!

how to save money on groceries

1. Plan meals before shopping

Analyze your pantry content and take available ingredients into consideration while planning your meals for the week. Prepare a list of items you need to buy so that you can calculate the expected grocery expenditure before you enter the store. Thanks to it, you’ll avoid overspending and you won’t waste produce that’s already at your home.

2. Look at lower shelves

If you devote a few seconds to analyze the arrangement of products in supermarkets, you’ll notice that the most expensive items are placed at your eye-level, while substitutes and less popular brands are on lower shelves. Perhaps choosing more affordable ingredients located closer to the floor won’t affect the quality of your meals and you’ll be able to save some money.

3. Benefit from price comparison apps

Using free price comparison apps such as Shping will help you find the finest deals for products on your shopping list. Apart from seeing prices of specific items and being able to save even up to $3000 a year, Shping users have an unprecedented opportunity to read genuine product reviews that help to make reasonable purchasing decisions.

4. Buy seasonal food

It’s not a surprise that strawberries are always cheaper during summer. Benefit from the seasonality and enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables and fruit. If you shop once or twice a week, it’s also a great idea to buy produce at various stages of ripeness so that you minimize waste.

5. Use coupons

Coupons are a perfect recipe for saving money on food shopping. Using them will allow you to purchase your favorite ingredients at more affordable prices. If you aren’t a fan of traditional paper coupons, you can benefit from Shping and awards you earn every time you use the app, scan barcodes, write reviews or compare prices. Moreover, if you upload your receipts to our price comparison app, you’ll receive virtual coins that can be converted into money and spent on anything you wish. (See also our other article: Cash out your coins: A step-by-step guide)

6. Compare weight

Sometimes we put a seemingly cheaper product in our shopping cart without realizing that its packaging is actually significantly smaller than the packaging of other items we have been comparing it with. Thus, it’s advisable to analyze product prices by weight. This way you can choose the most profitable option.

how to save money on groceries and still eat healthy


7. Choose versatile ingredients

If you plan your meals in advance, try to opt for recipes that share certain ingredients. Eating chickpea three times a week doesn’t have to mean monotony. Such a simple tip will help you save a lot of money you would normally spend on unnecessary produce. Moreover, this way you make sure that you don’t waste all the fruit and vegetables you already have at home.

8. Visit various stores

You probably know that individual products are priced differently in various shops. Sometimes, apples in a supermarket may be twice as expensive as in a local grocery store. Shping is a quality app that will allow you to conveniently check and compare prices of specific products. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to wisely plan your shopping and save money.

As you can see, our tips on how to save money on groceries are pretty approachable. Incorporating them into everyday life and benefiting from available solutions such as price comparison apps is the first step to reaching your savings goals.