Are you a business owner taking first steps in the market and wondering how to mark your presence? Is the term “brand identity” all Greek to you? Read our entry to discover what it actually is and how to create it.

What is brand identity and why do you need it?

A brand identity denotes all elements such as a logo, color palette, motto, photos, illustrations, videos, website design, business cards or product packaging that bring your company to customers’ mind the minute they encounter them.

The ideal brand identity makes you stand out from the crowd, improves customer loyalty and guarantees that people associate your business, products or services positively. Making sure that customers speak highly of your brand will definitely translate into improved sales, recognition and social proof.

Brand identity

How to develop a brand identity?

In order to create a brand identity, you need to answer a few simple questions that will determine your values, mission, personality and qualities that make you different from your market rivals.

Building a great brand identity is a continuous process which determines the look of your company and the feelings it evokes in recipients. Designing your logo and choosing the right color palette isn’t enough to become ingrained in customers’ memory. In order to be successful, you need to:

Complete your business strategy

Determining your brand identity equals choosing values your business is supposed to stand for. This, in turn, defines your purpose and is a great starting point to devise a characteristic statement that will make recipients connotate your brand with given qualities. Select your business goals, missions and distinctive elements that will make your company unique.

Be present

Price comparison apps such as Shping are an effective recipe for increasing sales by reaching people who haven’t come across your brand but search for products that can be found in your offer. This way, you can attract new buyers, improve brand recognition, product awareness and trustworthiness.

Get to know your user personas

A brand identity isn’t limited solely to elements chosen by you. It’s also crucial to take into consideration user personas which means adjusting your communication to potential customers, their beliefs, preferences and personalities. Shping makes it possible to depict your product story and advertise your range in an unobtrusive manner that facilitates the decision making process. Personalize your push notifications and content so that they match current seasons, situations and recipients.

Remember about social proof

In this specific scenario, social proof implies that potential customers are more willing to buy your products once they see authentic reviews written by other buyers. Our price comparison app lets users evaluate your items which builds social proof, brand recognition and customer loyalty.

What is brand identity

Identify your market rivals

Following the abovementioned principles isn’t enough to succeed. Apart from making your brand noticeable, you also need to analyze the market to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and offers top-notch solutions at competitive prices. Juxtapose values and ways your rivals present their offers to find the happy medium that will attract buyers.

The takeaway

A brand identity is a tasty recipe for making your business highly renowned in the market. Being consistent, devising your strategy, determining values and acting according to the plan will allow you to establish a stable position which will definitely translate into improved brand recognition. Benefit from available platforms such as Shping to hit your sales goals and attract loyal customers.