The Benefits of Using Mobile in Your Shelf Placement Strategy

To remain competitive after a new product launch, brands can’t rely solely on repeat customers—they also need a healthy influx of new customers. An investment in mobile technology is typically required to keep the product fresh in consumers’ minds. Mobile app partnerships offer innovative ways to direct shoppers to particular products at-shelf, without paying retailer-commanded advertising fees. There is only so much shelf space and limited room for engaging displays. However, the in-store experience can be guided using mobile technology, as nearly 60% of shoppers look up product information and prices while using their mobile phones in stores.

In many ways, leveraging a mobile shopping app succeeds where others may fail:

  • It’s new and exciting. The widespread public perception is that technology increasingly solves our day-to-day woes. They are willing to download a new app they see as beneficial to their shopping experience.
  • It bridges the gap between worlds. Shoppers are able to access information about products virtually while still in the physical store. This creates the perfect moment to influence decision-making when it matters most, generating awareness and influencing in-the-moment impulse buys.
  • It captures new converts. Through mobile technology, brands can interact with new prospects the moment they walk into a retail store. A mobile road map can direct shoppers to a physical location where the products are located, whether on the top shelf, at eye-level, or on the bottom shelf.
  • It’s affordable. Why spend thousands of dollars on a high-tech in-store display, when you can provide similar video content and supplemental material via a consumer’s mobile phone? Scanning barcodes to access content is a process shoppers are comfortable with after several years of trial.

Brands looking to incorporate mobile technology in their shelf placement strategy should consider Shping

Shping Offers an Engaging Way to Build Brand Awareness

Brands looking to incorporate mobile technology in their shelf placement strategy should consider Shping. When Carmex launched a new lip balm flavour, the brand partnered with Shping to build awareness and drive trial and consideration. In store, Shping incentivised users to seek out the product, allowing them to see and feel and taste the difference. Then, through the Shping App , the brand highlighted differentiating product details and delivered a branded video while the product was in shoppers’ hands. By rewarding consumers and engaging them throughout the shopping journey, Shping increased trial and consideration and drove shoppers to purchase.

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