In a digital-first world, connecting with your customers is about more than just having a provocative advertising campaign or the most eye-catching designs. The modern consumer has learned to instinctively tune out the noise of traditional advertising: from automatically skipping YouTube advertisements, to changing the station when a radio promotion comes on. Online marketing tactics like banner advertisements fare even worse: with 25% of desktop users using adblocking software, getting your hard-earned advertising spend to reach consumers is trickier than ever before.
Here’s where Shping can help. With the ability to connect directly to customers in-store and at that crucial moment before purchase, Shping lets you share relevant promotions, personalised offers and tell your brand story to shoppers that are actively engaging with your product. This is all done through the Shping app, which consumers access through their smartphones. Smartphones are now becoming a key tool for marketing to the consumer: 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile, and people today have twice as many interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else, according to research from Google.

Connect where it matters most

To effectively reach the consumer, don’t make them come to you. Instead, meet them in the spaces they’re already occupying: their phones. Shoppers are already using their smartphones in-store to enhance the shopping experience: 40% are checking product prices with their phones, while 33% are looking up customer reviews in the aisles. With the Shping app offering this information and more with just the scan of a barcode, brands have the unique opportunity to target consumers at the crucial point before purchase, while they’re directly interacting with your product.


Shping uses this unique form of permissions marketing to make sure your brand messages are targeted and relevant to the consumer. These messages are delivered with each scan of your product’s barcode, which means they’re seen by shoppers who are already engaged and receptive to your product – they want to know more about its story, and any promotions or offers that are available. Take this opportunity to tell leverage your best content, tell your brand story, and captivate the shopper to inspire purchase.

Keep it personalised

More and more, consumers are becoming irritated and disengaged from advertising that’s irrelevant and disruptive to their purchasing journey. When you consider 48% of shoppers have actually left a brand’s website and purchased from a competitor because of a poorly personalised experience, the importance of relevant marketing messaging becomes clear. With Shping, you’ll know exactly which items are being scanned, and how many times they’ve been scanned. That means you have control over the messaging, promotions and rewards you can provide to the consumer at each stage of their purchasing journey.

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This opens up the potential for a myriad of personalised content and offers to be delivered directly to the consumer while they’re actively engaging with your product. Having these personalised experiences can also be the key to converting one-time shoppers into brand loyalists: 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalised experiences, according to recent research conducted by Edelman.

Taking advantage of your consumer’s smartphones in-store is a great way to connect directly with shoppers who are already interested in your product. Providing a mobile-optimised purchasing journey not only helps the consumer make better buying decisions, it also helps you win repeat shoppers and loyal brand champions.

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