In the CPG industry targeting shoppers of your competitors can be really difficult and sometimes just not sustainable long term. In conversations with our customers there are limited effective channels to access these shoppers, targeting can be quite broad as it’s not down to the category or product level and the costs can be really high making those campaigns just not sustainable.

Here at Shping when our customers speak we listen. Hearing about these challenges we went about creating a really simple way for our partner brands to engage with shoppers of their competitor brands. What’s more we were able to set it up at a category, subcategory and even at product level of those competitor brands making it incredibly targeted.

We launched this capability in early July 2020 and over the last 6 months, we have seen all of our partner brands using this capability really successfully. Some of our customers have been achieving as high as 30% click-through on these ads to their matching product pages.

Once on your product page there are a number of different activations available to convert that shopper into a sale in-store. Post purchase you can request a product review or survey and then continue to re-engage with the shopper to ensure your products are always part of their basket.

We have now extended this capability for brands to not only target their competitor shoppers, but also shoppers of complimentary products that are commonly paired with their product. An example of this would be cheese & wine or chocolate and ice cream.

If you want to hear more about how Shping’s competitor campaigns work and what opportunity there is for your brand to leverage this capability. Then set up a demo here