We live in a content-first world: instead of being served generic advertisements, shoppers want brands that can communicate with them in unique, value-added and engaging ways.

Whether you’re leveraging old content or creating custom assets, targeting the consumer with relevant content at each stage of the purchasing journey keeps them engaged and coming back for more. In fact, a recent survey by Salsify found that 78% of consumer were more likely to buy with a more personally relevant product page which included a variety of content like images, video, text and reviews.

From telling your brand story in a fun and engaging way, to giving consumers the power to share their reviews and images of your product in action, content plays a vital role in influencing purchasing decisions. Here’s how different types of content can inspire consumers:

Product info

Shping gives shoppers the important product information they need to make better purchasing decisions when they need it most. Whether a customer is checking for potential allergens, or wants to know the origins of the product in their hands, Shping draws from the world’s largest consumer facing database to serve product information to consumers on-demand at the critical point before purchase.


As shoppers become more savvy, there is a greater push for brands to be certified against a range of industry standards: whether that’s gluten free or heart-safe for the health conscious, or organic, fair trade and cruelty free for the ethical shopper. The modern consumer cares about the impact of their purchasing decisions, and brands that can prove they are certified against relevant industry standards will have a leg up on their competition.

Video content

Video content is a key tool in your consumer marketing arsenal. Short, engaging videos are a great way to inform shoppers in a fun and immersive way.

Looking to leverage multiple videos to instruct and entertain your customers? Shping allows you to deliver different video content depending on how many times a customer has scanned and interacted with your product. That means you can keep ongoing touchpoints and engage consumers at each stage of the purchasing journey.


Researching reviews is an important stage many shoppers go through when purchasing a new product. Recent research has found 66% of consumers trust a brand with many positive reviews.

But most of the time, finding relevant reviews takes dedicated research and filtering: that’s time most shoppers don’t have while on their regular grocery shop.

Here’s where Shping can help. With the scan of a barcode, Shping shows relevant product reviews so that consumers have the information they need at their fingertips and on-command.

Shping encourages users to add product reviews by rewarding each reviewer with our very own cryptocurrency: Shping Coins. Brands can take advantage of this and accumulate more reviews by offering extra Coins to consumers who review and rate their product.

User generated images

Seeing a product being used in real-world situations can often give consumers the confidence they need to complete the purchasing journey. Research found that 73% of consumers liked to see 3+ images when shopping for any product online. With Shping, shoppers can see pictures other users have uploaded of your product in action, along with DIY’s, tips and hacks for using it at home.

Targeting consumers with this relevant user-generated content before the critical point of purchase can mean the difference between your product staying on the shelves or making its way to the checkout.

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