Barcodes surround us in everyday life, but they often go completely unnoticed. These bars carry much more weight than it would seem: from telling a story about the life of a product, to giving consumers valuable information about its price, safety, and origins, here’s how to unlock the power of the barcode to drive real-life rewards.

Scan to gain crypto cash 
One of the most rewarding uses for a barcode is also the easiest: awaken your inner checkout chick and get scanning. Scanning product barcodes is a fast and easy way to earn cryptocurrency through our Shping Coins, and an added bonus exists for enterprising customers who find a barcode that’s not yet in the Shping database.

Adding product information, reviews and images for this new product will earn you extra Shping Coins: get enough and you’ll level-up to receive even more bonuses and crypto rewards. Stock up on enough coins, and you’ll be able to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll even be able to exchange your Shping coins for Australian dollars when you withdraw them into your crypto wallet.

Connect to a global network
Barcodes already exist on almost everything we purchase, and the Shping App enables consumers to tap into this global product database to verify the authenticity, safety, and standards of the product they’re buying.

Using integrated blockchain technology, the Shping database provides consumers with full traceability of the supply chain of the product in their hands. That empowers Shping users to make smarter, more informed purchasing decisions.

Know about recalls when they happen 
A product recall can be a scare that puts you on edge about buying any similar products in future.

We’ve all seen a news story about a hepatitis scare in a particular brand of frozen berries, then gone to our freezer and promptly thrown away every berry in sight, avoiding all frozen berries in the supermarket for a whole month just for good measure.

Shping harnesses the power and traceability of barcodes to help you eliminate that guesswork.

Our Shping App instantly alerts users who are scanning or have recently scanned the barcode of a product that is subject to a recall. This stops even more purchases of a defective or dangerous product, and lets you return your faulty goods for refund, service, or exchange.

So how do we know about recalls when they happen? We source information from official Product Recall authorities the world over, distributing product recall notices for products with specific batch numbers through the Shping Platform.

To find out more about how Shping can enhance your everyday shopping experience while earning you crypto cash, download the app from App Store or Google Play  today.