It’s as easy as 1,2,3. From EDMs to native advertising, SEO, adwords and affiliate networks, marketing in a digital age is more results-driven – and complex – than ever before. 

Simplify your approach to cut through the noise and speak to shoppers at the point of decision-making: the aisles of the grocery store. Here’s how Shping can help you streamline your shopper marketing in three easy steps.

1. Leverage existing assets

Sometimes, the most effective marketing tool isn’t targeted ads, influencer marketing or viral tactics: it’s the product itself. Let the goods do the talking and target consumers when it matters most – when your product is in their hands.

By simply scanning the barcode on an item, shoppers can see important product information, reward offers, and messages that you specifically tailor to them. With Shping, you can leverage the assets you already have – your product and existing content – to tell a powerful story about your brand.

The Shping platform has its own campaign manager that allows brands to target messages to consumers based on the amount of times they’ve scanned an item. That allows you to personalise each shopping experience and create tailored messages for each stage of the customer’s purchasing journey.

2. The barcode is the bridge to the consumer

Barcodes may seem deceptively commonplace, but with Shping, they become a brand’s secret weapon. Using integrated blockchain technology, the Shping barcode database connects to a global network of product information and messages that you can tailor to suit your marketing needs. That’s a fancy way of saying that these little black bars offer a direct bridge to the consumer.

Cut through the noise at the point of purchase and target messages directly to consumers who are ready and receptive to them. What’s more, Shping allows you to directly share your brand story with a customer when it matters most. Having this personal touchpoint between you and your potential customer can be a powerful tool: one that sets your brand apart from the rest crowding the shelves.

3. Make customer loyalty and rewards programs simple

When participating in a rewards program is as simple as scanning a barcode, it’s easy to turn a once-off customer into a loyal brand advocate. If your current rewards program involves complicated promo codes, physical loyalty cards or social media campaigns, it’s easy for a customer to lose interest.

To keep customers engaged, optimise your reward programs to be smarter, simpler and more user-friendly. Shping helps you remove the friction of loyalty schemes by letting you directly target consumers with offers and information when it matters most. This seamless integration of marketing and shopping channels helps shoppers make the most of their rewards, and removes the barriers, bother and bureaucracy of traditional loyalty programs.

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