Reward your young consumers directly with cyrptocurrency: Here’s How

Win a tropical getaway! Get two-for-one! Buy six and get 10% off! There are only so many ways a brand can reward a consumer before they get bored. Sure, the promise of a free holiday may be enough to make a shopper buy an extra chocolate bar, but these kind of rewards programs have an inevitable lifespan. What’s more, appealing to young customers with loyalty and rewards programs is notoriously difficult: young consumers just aren’t signing up for loyalty programs, according to industry reports.

To tap into a demographic of early adopters and trusted tastemakers, offer these consumers something different for their loyalty. Offer them something that gives them a buy in for their future, something that’s tangible and topical: cryptocurrency.

Get in on the ground floor 

Turn on the television, read the news or listen in to any second conversation while you’re waiting for your coffee and you’ll likely hear something about cryptocurrency. That’s because this decentralised currency is no longer limited to highly technical individuals and wall street traders: every day, non-tech people are getting involved in the space.

As more and more consumers look to get their foot in the door, Shping offers brands a way to directly reward shoppers with an easy, relatable entry point into the crypto world.

Empower shoppers to use cryptocurrency in everyday transactions 

From IBM to Disney, even the biggest corporates are getting involved with blockchain technologies. With cryptocurrencies predicted by some to displace roughly 25% of national currencies by 2030, it’s clear this technology is no longer a passing fad. Instead of resisting this change, brands can lead the way and educate future generations by giving them real buy-in to a blockchain-based future.

What’s more, direct, in-store crypto rewards give consumers daily contact with cryptocurrencies, no matter where they shop. That’s an invaluable everyday learning experience that not only adds value to your loyalty programs, but also allows your brand to actively be involved in the education and upskilling of a whole generation of new consumers

Shping makes it easier for customers to learn about cryptocurrency in regular transactions. Get real-world buy in to this new trend with an approachable rewards system – subscribe to out mailing list for more updates, news and announcements