The future is mobile-first: Here’s how to harness the power of smartphones and reach customers directly at the point of purchase with Shping. 

Take advantage of consumers’ smartphones in store

Did you know? 60% of shoppers use their mobiles to look up product information and prices in-store.

As the future of shopping goes digital, shoppers are looking for seamless, in-platform connections with brands and products while on the go. Instead of static advertisements and spammy banner ads, think outside the box (or inside the app) with your promotions.

To connect directly with your consumers, don’t rely on intrusive, blanket advertising tactics. Instead, interact with them in the spaces they’re already occupying – their smartphones. Marketers are already creating experiences that are unique and tailored to the mobile medium because that’s where shoppers spend their time: here’s how you can too.

Shping lets you create mobile-optimised, in-store connections that reward consumers the more they engage with your products. With targeted campaign messaging that differs with each scan, customers get a personalised, tailored experience that directly familiarises them with your brand. Having this personal touchpoint not only bridges the gap between your brand and the shopper: it can also be the crucial push needed to convert them into a loyal customer.

Stand out from the crowd 

Did you know? By 2020, 51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact.

In today’s increasingly saturated market consumers are spoilt for choice: whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian or pastafarian (it’s a thing) there’s a new product released every week to cater to their needs. In short, it’s never been a better time to be a shopper, which means brands need to be on top of their game to cut through the noise.

Shping gives you a direct line to your customers during their purchasing journey by offering in-app messages and notifications. That way, you can personally share your brand story with each consumer that interacts with your products, even in the chaos of a crowded supermarket. That’s a level of affinity and focus most brands could only dream about in the past, and with Shping it’s now a reality.

We’ve also done away with invasive banner ads that often hijack a shopper’s attentions. Instead, Shping allows you to execute a more personal, seamless marketing experience for the consumers interacting with your brand.

We’ve achieved this through our campaign workflow, which enables you to tailor different messaging and content based on the number of times a shopper scans your product. This level of targeted messaging was designed to make your marketing efforts more valuable, rather than simply more visible.

Influence purchase decisions where it matters most

Did you know? Digital interactions influence 56 cents of every dollar spent in a brick-and-mortar store.

When a shopper is standing in the aisle of a supermarket, looking at the shelves of options before them, what makes them reach out and pick an item? It could be a range of television, radio and digital campaigns that gets them to a point of in-store brand recognition, but what will convert them into a customer?

Shping lets you influence a shopper’s purchase decisions at this crucial point in the shopping journey. That allows you to directly target a consumer with rewards, offers and product information when it matters most. Having a personal touchpoint between your brand and the consumer right before the point of purchase is powerful. In fact, it can be the vital push needed to get your product off the shelves and into their basket.

We’ve built this seamless integration of marketing and shopping channels to help you provide shoppers with the most relevant, personalised information in their time of need.

The Shping platform makes the shopping experience more personal and informative for the consumer, and allows you to tailor your marketing efforts with more clarity, focus and precision than ever before.

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