Food safety is currently at the forefront of every consumer’s mind. As tampering and authenticity scandals continue to dominate the news, shoppers are becoming more concerned about where the products come from. Whether it’s to ensure the safety of food after a contamination scare, or to ensure products were processed in an allergen-free facility, consumers are looking for trust and transparency when it comes to the provenance of their purchases.

Recently, thousands of bottles of Schweppes lemonade were pulled from the shelves thanks to a mislabelling bungle. It’s not just an expensive mistake: it can also damage a brand’s reputation for months and years to come. Provenance tracking helps brands communicate to consumers and provide solutions to problems like these.

Put the customer first
How do you manage and trace your supply chain? How can you know where your products come from? How can you trace the history of a product in the event of a recall? These are all questions brands should be prepared to answer for their customers.

Shping gives both you and your customers peace of mind and full visibility of a product’s journey to the shelves. Integrated with a range of providers like GS1, Shping draws from a number of trusted data sources to provide reliable, trustworthy product information to all parties. As a not-for-profit industry organisation, GS1 has developed standards for farm to fork traceability. This allows both the consumer and the retailer to see where the product was produced, what it was made from, and how it got to the store.

Empowered by technology
The future of supply chain management is decentralised and available anywhere, anytime. Blockchain technology now plays a huge role in facilitating best practice supply chain management to drive efficiency and operational performance. Evolving from traditionally linear supply chain models, track and trace management now is efficient, interconnected and open. This means both the brand and the customer can see information from every stage of the supply chain, not just the one they’re in immediate contact with.

As the transition to a globalised, decentralised supply chain ledger gains traction, companies employing blockchain technology will be at the forefront of smarter tracking and more transparent customer offerings. Shping integrates with a range of industry providers to give you end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, allowing you to eliminate blind spots and ensure you’re always getting the full picture. Shping allows you to cut through the noise and easily deploy emerging blockchain technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Don’t be left behind.

Give back the power
Providing the consumer with the information they need, when they need it, empowers their shopping choices. It also gives the brands that can provide this service a leg up on their competition. Brands that allow consumers to access the who, what, when, where, and how of a product’s journey to the store will have a significant advantage over those that can’t.
Drawing from the world’s largest blockchain database, Shping lets you give your customers full supply chain transparency with a simple scan. Help consumers unlock the power of the barcode and you can turn one-off customers into loyal brand advocates.

Clear channels of communication
Shping allows brands make their supply chains responsive, adaptive and customer-focused so that they can remain agile to changes and challenges in the market. Being able to deploy provenance tracking on-demand, and being able to immediately trace the origins of compromised goods can make all the difference in recall situations.
Remember: product recalls aren’t just costly: they can also impact the hard-earned trust you’ve built with your consumers. To keep loyal customers coming back, transparent and constant communication is crucial. Shping lets you communicate directly with your customers during this time, which means you can offer them important information and updates when and where they need them.

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