Instead of working for your groceries, make your groceries work for you: here’s how to get more out of your weekly shop.

Take the chore out of your weekly grocery run by making the experience informative and interactive. You’ll even earn real-world crypto cash along the way: perfect for an extra treat for the kids (or yourself – we won’t tell).

Make smarter purchasing decisions

When it comes to buying for your family, you want to be sure you’re getting the best products and the best value for money.

If a new product doesn’t tick the boxes for you or your crew once you’ve taken it home, that’s often money down the drain. Don’t waste your time on products that don’t deliver: with the scan of a barcode, Shping lets you make smarter, more informed purchasing decisions on the spot.

Using integrated blockchain technology, Shping’s rapidly growing barcode database connects to a global network of product information that gives you access to trusted product related information

Shping also shows you the nutritional information, recall status, images and customer reviews of the product in your hands, giving you real-world insight into whether it will suit your needs. Having this information readily available not only saves you from having to chase down a wily store employee: it also means you can make smarter decisions for your family while on-the-go.

Experience the world of cryptocurrency while you shop

We get it, cryptocurrency can sound complex if you don’t have a computer science degree. Yet all the talk of Bitcoin and Blockchain is much more accessible to the average shopper than you may think. Shping gives our users everyday, straightforward touchpoints to this trend, helping regular shoppers like you get in on the ground floor of a blockchain-based future.

All you need to start earning your own crypto cash is fire up those thumbs and get scanning. It’s simple: the more barcodes you scan as you add products to your shopping basket, the more crypto cash – we call them Shping coins – you’ll earn for your efforts. When you want to cash-out your coins, you can exchange them into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and can even swap them for Australian dollars. Just withdraw your Shping coins into your crypto wallet then cash out your earnings with the tap of a button.

Get scanning to stretch your budget further

Between school lunches, work birthday parties and your new health-kick, making the weekly budget stretch to cover all bases can feel like an extreme sport. But what if we told you that you could actually make money by doing your grocery shop?

If you’re looking to stretch your budget a bit further each week, scanning and reviewing products through the Shping app will earn you cold hard crypto cash that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and Australian dollars.

For all you treasure hunters out there, there’s extra plunder to be gained if you find a lucky product that hasn’t been added to the product database yet. Capture that code and add it to the Shping inventory for added rewards!

Increase your status to increase your rewards

Scan, review, profit: if earning money this easily has you on cloud nine, there are ways to ride that high and earn even more cryptocurrency while you shop.

Thrifty shoppers can increase their Shping coins by up to 10x per month by levelling-up their Shping status. Starting at Basic and running through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each new tier offers a higher multiplier that boosts the amount of coins users can earn for each action.

Upgrading your status is as straightforward as scanning an allocated number of product barcodes each month. To level-up and reach Gold status, you’ll also need to contribute five product reviews per month: keep regularly submitting those reviews to maintain your position! For those who want a taste of life at the top, you’ll need to contribute 10 reviews per month to reach and maintain platinum status. Let your thumbs do the work during each grocery trip, and you’ll be a #scanboss in no time.
Had a busy week? No time to get to the store? Don’t stress if you fall below your monthly quota: users can only upgrade or downgrade their status one level at a time, so you won’t lose all your hard work.

To find out more about how Shping can enhance your everyday shopping experience while earning you crypto cash, download the Shping app today.