Cryptocurrency is more accessible than the fancy technical jargon suggests. Here’s how simple parts of your weekly routine can help you earn real-world crypto cash.

Why Cryptocurrency?
Did you know your weekly trip to the shops can help you earn cryptocurrency? By scanning the barcode on the full-cream during your milk and bread run, you can be rewarded with cryptocurrency and a foot in the door of a blockchain-based future. That’s where Shping comes in with our Shping Coins, tokens designed to make cryptocurrency accessible and practical for everyday life. If you’re looking to get ahead of trends and make some crypto cash along the way, here’s what you need to know:

Get scanning
The Shping app is the world’s largest product search engine, and with the help of consumers like you, we can make it even more complete, powerful, and useful. By scanning product barcodes through the app, you not only get the instant lowdown on pertinent product information supplied directly from industry authorities and brands: you also earn cold hard crypto cash in the form of Shping Coins.

For those treasure hunters out there, if you find a barcode that hasn’t been entered into our database yet, you can earn additional Shping Coins by uploading images of the product, adding reviews and missing details that aren’t found in Shping’s Global Product Database.

Review for Rewards
Another vital part of the Shping platform is your reviews: what made the product a hit or a miss, how you used the product, any hacks you’d pass on to the next user. This is all information that’s vital to our purchasing decisions, but that you won’t find on the label of a tin.

You can earn Shping Coins by contributing product reviews through the Shping App. In your reviews you can add text, video and photos of the product in action: whatever you think will help the next customer make their decision. You’ll be rewarded with Shping Coins by brands for adding yet another layer of useful, real-world experience to our product database for other users to access.

Scan your way to the top: Increase your Shping status to earn more
Looking for a way to earn even more cryptocurrency? You can double, triple, even earn 10 x more Shping Coins by increasing your Shping status. From Basic through to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each tier offers a multiplier that adds to your earned coins each month. So how do you upgrade your status to make the leap to that elusive platinum level (which comes with a tasty 10 x multiplier on all Shping Coins earned each month)?

Shping app users can upgrade their status by scanning an allocated number of product barcodes regularly: once you hit the target number of scans per month, you’ll automatically level-up. Make sure you’re maintaining those scans regularly – the number of days allowed between scans gets smaller each level you go up. You can also enlist your friends to help you earn some extra Shping Coins by inviting and adding “Shping Buddies.”

If you’re sitting pretty on gold or platinum status and raking in those multipliers on your monthly Coins, you’ll need to maintain a high volume of loot (or Shping Coins) to keep your status at the top. If you don’t meet your monthly target, you won’t have to worry about a dramatic fall from grace: users can only upgrade or downgrade their status once a month, one tier at a time. Once you’ve earned your coins while scanning, reviewing and shopping, you can withdraw your earnings to your crypto wallet and convert them to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and even Australian dollars.

Want to know more? Download the app from App Store or Google Play and get scanning and earning today.