Modern marketing is all about the data-driven consumer experience.

When shopping, consumers typically jump across various channels in order to carry out even the simplest of tasks, from reading reviews to comparing ingredients. As they research their potential purchases, they are creating crucial data that marketers can use to their advantage.

The ideal for marketers is to use this data to build a Single Customer View: a cohesive summary of a customer relationship across different products, brands, businesses and channels. However, 89% of global marketers have difficulties creating a Single Customer View, according to a recent survey by Experian.

Read on to find out how Shping Marketing is helping Marketers simplify and aggregate powerful customer data…

Why build a Single Customer View?

The goal of a Single Customer View is ultimately to enable personalised engagement with each customer. It also facilitates:

  • Improved customer service levels
  • Better customer retention
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Improved overall customer lifetime value (CLV)

By achieving a Single Customer View, your business will have a more insightful guide to improving future sales and customer interactions.

However, this solution must be implemented while also breaking down the silos within your company, and consolidating your communications and measurements across teams. Considering most businesses weren’t built to be customer-first or digital-first, this can be a huge challenge.

Furthermore, many businesses also struggle to integrate their vast array of technical solutions and platforms, and aggregate their data in order to generate a streamlined view of the whole customer journey.

That’s where Shping’s Marketing software comes in!

Know your customers unlike ever before.

Thousands of people use the Shping app every day, scanning GS1 barcodes to learn more about products, read reviews, earn rewards and share their own experiences. We’re creating a go-to platform for customers during their shop that aims to simplify the customer journey: users will be able to find all the information they previously sought on disparate sites within one app.

As the wealth of product information available on the Shping app continues to grow, so too will the app’s convenience for users. Shping’s reward system will further increase customer loyalty towards the app, as users accumulate redeemable points within the app.

With Shping’s rich analytics, you can build a Single Customer View for each member of your audience: who they are, which brands they love, where and when they’re scanning your products, and what else is in their consideration set.

Shping’s automation software allows you to act on this rich data by:

  • Attaching information that’s important to your customers to your product’s GS1 barcodes, like where the product is from, what’s in it and whether it’s certified.
  • Sharing fresh, immersive brand content with consumers each time they scan.
  • Using Shping rewards to incentivise engagement with your product and other users.
  • Activating Shping bots and live chat to influence purchase decisions in real time.
  • Sending personalised shout-outs with special offers, relevant content and more.

Most importantly, Shping allows you to step in and influence your customer’s decisions at the critical moment of purchase – which is something few other platforms offer for in-store purchases. You’ll be capitalising on those ‘micro moments’, but in way that doesn’t require extensive technological expertise and implementation like programmatic advertising or expensive automation software.

The best part? People are already scanning your products.

If you want to reach your customers whenever and wherever they are, and start to truly achieve a Single Customer View, then Shping Marketing is for you.

Click here to enter your product barcode and see what Shping users are already finding each time they scan your product.